Terms of use

Thank you for shopping on the web site of La Maison de l’Astronomie.

Please take a few moments to read the following simple instructions so you can familiarize yourself with our method of handling your web orders. We will take this opportunity to give you more informations at the same time.

Stock availability
LMDA tries it’s best to keep an up to date web inventory. With each order that you will be placing, we will confirm the availability of stock.

Prices and Specifications
La Maison de l’Astronomie and it’s suppliers as the rights to change prices and specifications of it’s product without notice.

Secure online ordering
La Maison de l’Astronomie decided to offer you a shopping cart service to make your online shopping easier. The way it works is very easy. Once you have finished your shopping , all you need to do is to enter the information required like your name, address etc… It is important that you carefully enter this information so we can process your order carefully. Click on the APPLY button and the system will forward us your order. You don’t have to enter any credit card information. We will contact you by phone within a few hours and will supply you with the total amount including shipping charges. While we have you on the phone we will take your credit card information down so we can complete the order and ship it to you.

The credit card billing is made in store and not by a third party company.

For your information, we do not accept Paypal.

International Orders
La Maison de l’Astronomie has customers everywhere in the world, but unfortunately we have some restrictions.

Here are the brands of telescopes that we are able to export : Tele-Vue, Sky Watcher, LMDA, Orion, Stellarvue.

For accessories, there’s no problem. Please note that shipping charges are not to high for packages with a weight less than 2 kilos. Shipping prices easily doubles for packages heavier than this. If you have questions before ordering, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail.

Sale & return policy
No refunds
No exchange unless in unused, unopened original packaging.