Founder Optics FOT 86mm triplet ED APO

1,749.95 $

Founder Optics is the premium brand from one of the industry’s oldest and most reputable manufacturer with nearly 50 years producing instruments. Each Founder Optics telescope is carefully selected for its superb optical performance and as such comes with an individual Ronchi test, so you are guaranteed the highest level of optical performance.

With two ED glass elements for remarkable true-color performance, the Founder Optics Triplets are certain to satisfy your APO appetite. Even the most demanding astrophotographers and observers will be thoroughly impressed by this gorgeous telescope.

Unlike most ED triplets which feature just one ED glass element, this beautifully crafted apochromatic refractor stands above ordinary triplets by having one element of FPL-53 ED glass and one element of FPL-51 ED glass in its objective lens assembly. With two fluoro-crown ED glass elements and fully multi-coated optics, the refractors provide superior correction of chromatic and spherical aberrations. By suppressing these aberrations so effectively, this triplet APO telescope produces impeccable visual views and razor-sharp astrophotos without any fringing or loss of clarity.

The optics are also quite unique. Like the legendary Takahashi TOA, each element is fully separated – this is different from other triplet lenses. This type of lenses are sometimes referred to as “Super Triplet » or FST (Fully Separated Triplet) optical lens system. At the time of writing, there are only two of these type of designs commercially available – TOA & FOT.


Practically this translates into minimum spherical aberration for unbeatable performance.

At a fast f/6.5 focal ratio the refractor is a great imaging machine. Multiple internal baffles prevent off-axis reflections for excellent contrast, while a retractable lens shade helps eliminate glare.

The Founder Optics 86mm refractor come with a standard flattener compatible with all dedicated astro cameras and DLSRs. It uses a regular fitting with an M42 fitting & an M48 adapter with an accomodating backfocus.
Please note: unlike the dedicated flattener purpose designed for the FOT106mm, the 86mm is supplied with a standard, cross compatible flattener. This means the correction is not quite as good as the 106mm model.

The refractors sport a substantial 2.7 inch hybrid-drive rack and pinion focuser (patented) which can support imaging gear trains weighing up to 8kg, and features dual-speed (11:1) controls to easily fine-tune focus. You can rotate the focuser 360-deg to optimize imaging or observing convenience. The focuser has a built-in focus lock knob to solidly lock the imaging assembly in place for imaging.

The Founder Optics Refractors come with a thread-on objective lens cover, two heavy-duty machined tube rings, a carry handle with grooves for a red Dot Finder scope, a sturdy machined Vixen style dovetail bar for easy mount attachment, and a dovetail finder scope base. An included hard carry case with a custom die-cut foam insert ensures safe transport and convenient storage.

All an all this is a complete package of absolute best in class optical performance as well as mechanical excellence at a very competitive price point given its aperture class.

Source: ProAstroz AUS

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Inclus l’aplanisseur de champs et le coffre de transport.


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