Esprit 150ED APO triplet

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Esprit 80ED, 100ED, 120ED and 150ED Super APO refractors have a doublet field flattener to get a flat field and minimize aberration and distortion. Their wide 48mm opener ensures a larger and clearer aperture and also extremely minimized halation. Connect the triplet and doublet field flattener with a high precision thin thread to keep the optical axis perpendicular to the image.

Main Features:

– Premium optical materials

– Short focal length and full frame corrected focal plane

– Excellent field flatness

– Precision linear power focuser is standard

– Metallic high-transmission lens coatings

– Light-baffled optical systems

– Telescope tube attachment hardware

– Full-frame Corrected Focal Plane

– Zero detectable Colour Fringing even on Bright Objects

– Knife-edge Baffled Optical System


  • Optical DesignApochromatic Refractor
  • Diameter150mm
  • Focal Length1050mm
  • F/RatioF/7
  • Highest Practical Power300x
  • Faintest Steller Magnitude13
  • Finder Scope8×50 Right Angled Erect Image
  • Focuser Diameter3″ Linear Power Focuser
  • Diagonal2″ 90 deg. Dielectric Diagonal with 1.25″ adapter
  • Tube Weight14.52 kg
  • Tube Dimensions15.3cmx95cm
  • Shipping Weight30 kg
  • Shipping Dimensions130x56x56 cm3


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