Orion 1.25″ Pentaprism Diagonal

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  • The Orion Pentaprism Diagonal is ideal for use with the Orion Premium Linear BinoViewer, because the combination renders an upright, non-mirror-reversed image.
  • The Pentaprism Diagonal incorporates a pentagonal-shaped prism of BK-7 glass that is multi-coated and dielectric coated for maximum light transmission.
  • It features a 1.25″ non-marring compression ring collar and a tapered barrel for secure attachment to a telescope.
  • With a generous clear aperture of 29mm, the Pentaprism Diagonal will not cause image vignetting, even when used with long focal length, wide-field eyepieces.

The Orion Pentaprism 90-Degree Diagonal is a non-inverting, non-reversing 1.25″ diagonal with a 90-degree viewing angle. Unlike a star diagonal, it does not produce a mirror-reversed image, which can make navigation and referring to star maps while observing with your telescope difficult. But unlike a correct-image diagonal, there is no image degradation caused by the ridge line where prisms intersect, which especially affects high-power viewing. It is the only diagonal that can be used with the Orion Premium Linear BinoViewer to render an upright, non-mirror-reversed image through a telescope. So we highly recommend it for viewing with the Premium Linear BinoViewer, especially for terrestrial applications for which a correctly oriented view is a must.

As its name implies, the Pentaprism diagonal consists of a pentagonal-shaped prism, which is made of BK-7 glass that is multi-coated on its two transmitting surfaces and dielectric coated on its two reflective surfaces, for maximum light transmission to the eyepiece. The pentaprism is housed in a black-anodized aluminum body that features a non-marring 1.25″ compression ring collar with a large knurled thumbscrew, and a tapered 1.25″ barrel that is threaded for use of filters.

The Orion Pentaprism diagonal has an optical path length (backfocus requirement) of 120mm, and a generous clear aperture of 29mm. One nice feature of the Pentaprism diagonal is that it causes no vignetting, even when used with long focal length, wide-angle eyepieces. When used in combination with just an eyepiece, the Pentaprism diagonal will render an upside-down image, but not mirror reversed as you get with a standard star diagonal. That can be advantageous for telescopic viewing with star charts, since you need only rotate the star chart to match the view in the eyepiece. A mirror-reversed eyepiece view, on the other hand, requires some mental gymnastics when referring to a star map! While the Pentaprism is the ideal diagonal to use with the Orion Premium Linear BinoViewer, note that it may not provide a correctly oriented view with other binoviewers, which unlike the Premium Linear BinoViewer typically do not incorporate an image erecting lens system.

Try this premium quality Orion Pentaprism diagonal — especially if you plan to observe with the Orion Premium Linear BinoViewer. It’s the “best and brightest” diagonal for the job!

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